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Celebrating 26 years of promoting Fun, Fraternity and Fitness!!!


Manatee Adult Baseball, Inc.
A Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation
"So much more than just games."

Rain-Out Message at: 941- 400- 9041 updated at 5:30 pm on game days.


Tournament Bracket page. Link to our Stadium Games page. Policies have been posted. PLEASE READ Joe's No Hitter Scorecard May we be like those "Picking Up Butch" Our Perspective and Sayings Uniforms Rule Draft Policies Roster Check with David before buying any equipment or uniforms. Roster Check the Message Line at 941-400-9041 if there is any chance of rain. Roster If you don't get e-mails FROM us, get an email TO us to get notifications.

Debbie Montgomery,Commissioner
Joe Zejavac,Vice Commissioner
David Montgomery, Jr., CPA.,Chief Financial Officer
Robert Bodi, League Chaplain
David Montgomery, Sr., Esq. Founder, Flunkie and Fashion Cop
Rob Else, Communications Director
Bobby "Sey" Shindler,Resident Baseball Historian
John O'Rourke, Retirement Advisor
Mike Brodowski,Uniform Compliance Officer
Kevin McInerney,Chairman - Pirates
Jimmy Ptak,Braves
Jimmy Balam,Cubs
Juan Aviles,Marlins

PLEASE NOTE: The charges noted as "Sales Tax" are NOT sales tax, but are bank fees.
Game Fee - Registered Player - $18.00 plus PayPal Fee    
Game Fee - NON-Registered Player - $23.00 plus PayPal Fee    
Registration Fee - $50.00 plus PayPal Fee    
Play-Off Fee - $100.00 plus PayPal Fee   
Quick Pay (Please add about 3% to cover our fees - Thanks) https://www.paypal.me/ManateeBaseball

"It is not wether you win or lose. It is wether you win or lose respect." - Baseballism.com

"I see great things in baseball. It's our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us."
- paraphrase of a quote from Walt Whitman relayed by Horace L. Traubel (1888).

"I've never quit the game... I (still) play ball simply because I like to."
- Honus Wagner at age 49 - long after retiring from his legendary career with the Pirates.

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it."
- Knute Rockne

"I think if I had my life to live over again, I'd do things a little different… I would have had more friends."
- Ty Cobb

"(N)o person can obtain admission in the club merely for his capacity as a player; he must also have the reputation of a gentleman; ...."
- From Charles Peverelly’s 1866 look at the early history of the Knickerbockers.

 days,  hours,  minutes and  seconds until our Stadium Games

Founded in 1992, it has been the mission of the Manatee Adult Baseball League to be a league of "inclusion" and to provide a wholesome participatory wooden bat baseball program for adults where "baseball relationships" and the enjoyment of the game for all players of both teams are of the highest priority. We believe that baseball is a journey; not a destination. We try to play baseball as it was meant to be played - for the enjoyment of all participants, inning by inning..

"Club Perspective"

We play "CLUB BASEBALL" in the tradition of New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club the 1850's New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club. Originally, "Base Ball" games were played by social and fraternal clubs seeking exercise among friends. Then money got involved. "Somehow or other, they don't play ball nowadays as they used to ... . I don't mean to say they don't play it as well. … But I mean that they don't play with the same kind of feelings or for the same objects they used to." said Pete O'Brien of the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1868, the year before the Cincinatti Redstockings became the first club to ackonwledge that it paid its players. Then, the game became "Profesional"; a commerical spectacle. Baseball has become professional baseball. It is its own focus and an entire industry. Our's really is more of a "club" than a "league". We seek to embody baseball's roots by rededicating ourselves to baseball's social and fraternal roots. Our focus upon the virtues of competition MUST be secondary to our relationships with each other as club members in a baseball fraternity! "If you are not prepared to be our friend, then please do not join our club."

"To me, America is like baseball. If I swing at a pitch and miss, what am I going to do, give up the next two pitches? If I swing and miss at this pitch, that's just a swing and a miss. There's no morality attached to failure. Failure morally has a moral component, but failure in a creative or professional sense is just information. That's one of the big things for me about the U.S. Our kids, by the time they're five years old, know that if they can hit a ball three times out of 10 pitches, they'll go to the Hall of Fame. They know that seven misses or seven failures are no disgrace. That's just playing the game. Beat that attitude!" - Craig Ferguson (Scotsman now American citizen)

It is the mission of our League to provide a good baseball experience to adult players of all ages and levels of baseball ability. Indispensible to this mission is parity. One of the most important tools of the League in pursuit of parity is the temporary placement of players with high baseball ability and players of lower baseball ability. Part of this tool is circumvented if the temporarily placed player is prevented from getting his fair share of playing time. Accordingly, in fairness to all players, and, more importantly, to facilitate the parity efforts of the League, it is the policy of this League that no player is to play less than 4 innings on defense unless that player, without the suggestion of ANYONE, requests to play less. It also is the policy of this League that no person make ANY negative remarks about the play of another player.

We invite teams to play scrimmages. Roster More info.
Please e-mail

Pittsburgh Pirates BP baseball shagging crews.
Back: (L-R) Will Lazar, Pete Livningston, Walter Winship, Jimmy Pickett, Joey Barnes
Front: (L-R) Steve Karp, Vinny DeMarco, Joel Freed, David Montgoemry, Sr., Brian Adornato
Not shown: Robert Bodi

  2012 Turkey Bowl Double Header  

Our League Chaplain - Robert Bodi - Reminding us "What it is all about!"

Commissioner Debbie Montgomery and Chaplain Robert Bodi presented Brent Kuehl with a check for $1,300 donated by the players through the Manatee Adult Baseball Charitable Trust for the Junvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The League later presented a SECOND check for ANOTHER $1,300. We are very proud of the generosity of our players!

Manatee Adult Baseball League
(operated by Manatee Adult Baseball, Inc.)

is a four team participatory recreational wooden bat baseball program for ONLY good sports. We try to limit players to age 30 and over. Some younger players are accepted, but older players are encouraged.All players register with the League and are placed on a team to help ensure parity. Special rules for safety and parity include no stealing of home, a sliding requirement, limitations on a pitcher returning to the mound after the pitcher's team is leading by 5 or more runs, and ending a half-inning at the end of the play during which that team's fifth run of the inning is scored.

We play a year long Roster schedule, beginning just after New Year's Day. We start our modified Summer Format when the school year ends, and resume the season when the next school year starts.

Our team managers have basically two sets of duties. One is to set the player postiions (batting, defense, pitching rotation). That role is critical to the success of the team. On that, we like to let the team largely select their preferences. The other set of duties is to be the "eyes, ears, and spokesman" for the league in the dugout. That is an indispensible role which is critical to the overal success of the league. The League largely makes that selction in consultation with the team leaders.

We strive for a "club" atmosphere where all teams play at the same time and at the same complex on the same day each week. Batting practice and warm-up begin one hour before game time. The season ends with what is essentially a double-elimination playoff tournament.

To the extent we can, we have 3 types of players: (1) Roster players; (2) Taxi Squad players; and (3) Walk-On players.

(1) Roster Players: We only can accommodate approximately 48 roster players. We try not to place more than 12 players in the dugout sharing field time and at-bats. Roster players pay an annual registration fee (typically $50) and lower game fees (typically $15 per game). Roster players must attend regularly, and pay game fees even for those games for which they are not present. Roster players may request to be removed from a roster and pay game fees for only those games which they attend, but are available to any team. Rosters are carefully policed and openings occur frequently. They play if their team plays.

(2) Taxi Squad Players: Taxi Squad players pay the annual registration fee and then the lower game fees, but do not have to pay game fees for games which they do not attend. These players are eligible to be placed on a roster when they request and when an opening occurs. They are given priority to play before walk-on players unless the number of players on each team prohiht another player that game. These players are available to any team.

(3) Walk-On Players: With a signed waiver, these players are invited to participate in batting practice, fielding practice and warm-ups, and all other activities except, perhaps, games if there are already 12 players "in the dug out". We count the number of roster players at the field at the start of the game, and often, but not always, assign nonregistered players to teams only for that night. IF WE CAN GET THE PLAYER INTO A GAME, then the nonregistered player pays a higher game fee (typcially $20). They play only if all Taxi Squad players play and if the number of players on each team do not prohibit additional players that game.


We play on Wednesdays. We do not have try-outs. Anyone who wants to play gets to play IF we have an opening (which is NOT often). All players sign in as they arrive. New walk-up players sign a Roster waiver, and leave their games fees as a deposit and take batting practice. If we cannot get a walk-up player into a game that day, then their money is returned. Non-roster players should expect that we canNOT get them in to a game.

We TRY to put no more than 12 players in a dug-out for games.

As players drop out, players are assigned to the openings from the Taxi Squad and new players are added to the Taxi Squad. We post openings to this website.

We play at Roster Lakewood Ranch High School in Manatee County, near I-75 (1 and 1/2 miles east on SR 70 ( 4 lights) then left (north) on Lakewood Ranch Blvd. 1 mile north of SR 70.)


For our Training Games, Special Games and other Special Events, we make commitments based upon clearly defined participation goals. In order to determine whether we can expect to meet those participation goals, we issue a call for reservations with a clearly set cut-off date and time. At that cut-off date and time, we make our "Go/No-Go" decision based upon those reservations. Consequently, any who has a reservation who cannot fulfill that reservation will be charged for the activity unless 1) they cancel the reservation a reasonable time before the event AND 2) we reach our participation goals without them fulfilling the reservation. The League reserves the right for ANY reason to charge for the reservation even if these two conditions are met.


IDEALLY, player assignments would result in 2 teams with a 51% winning percentage, and 2 teams with a 49% winning percentage. This means that ALL teams must accept their "share" of losses. If you cannot live with losing your "share" of games, then our league is NOT FOR YOU! Nobody except for the Commissioner should discuss with any player that player's participation, or encourage any player to transfer to another team. Any person doing so is subject to discipline.

We have 4 types of games: 1) Regular season games, 2) Training games, 3) Special game and 4) Tournament games. GENERALLY, Training games, Special games and Tournament games are open to anyone (subject to capacity limitations).

Regular roster players who do not attend a regularly scheduled game still will be charged the game fee. (We use "break even" budgeting, so the income stream from ALL roster players, attending or not, is necessary, but more importantly, team parity decisions are based upon full participation from the players assigned to each team.) Any player who wishes more flexible participation or to "pay as you play", can request a transfer to our Taxi Squad; but can expect not to play for the team to which that players last was assigned.

"Full participation" means that any player who misses 3 consecutive games or who misses a large number of games, even if not consecutively, can expect to be tranferred to the Taxi Squad without prior notice. See our rules.

Player assignments TYPICALLY are made two times per year; just before the start of the regular season and just before the resumption of the regular season after the mid-season break. The board decides which of the returning players (who have submitted a new waiver form and who have paid their registration deposit) will be accepted back onto their teams.

The first thing that we do is we consider all applications for renewed participation and single out for individual consideration ANY player suggested by any board member for ANY reason. We determine whether based upon recent experiences with the players, any of the players no longer are considered to be appropriate for full participation in our league, and if so, then what should be done about that. (What can be done can range from removal from a roster (and placement on the Taxi Squad) to being banned from participation that year.) These decisions of the Baord determine the number of vacancies.

The approved returning players are given a priority in being re-assigned to their roster. ANY player removed from a roster or otherwise considered possibly not appropriate for full participation is COMPARED with perceptions about non-assigned players in an effort to determine which player is more appropriate for participation. A new player has an advantage over a returning player in this comparison.

The managers explain to the board what they perceive to be their team's needs and how any of the unassigned players may help satisfy those needs.

The board then makes recommendations to the Commissioner for the assignment of players. Not later than the following Monday the Commissioner announces the decisions.

Quite frankly, we expect VERY few openings We will not know how many until we see all the applicants and the board decides on returning players.

Any unassigned player who submitted their payment but who does not get an assignment may either go on the Taxi Squad a play when they are there and there is an opening on any team for the evening, or they can ask for a refund of their payment.

Unassigned players are encouraged to participate in all of our activites, particularly training games and special games. This gives the player the opportunity to get to know, and to get to be known by, the other player and positions the player for team assignment when an opening arises.

Mail to: Manatee Adult Baseball, Inc.
2103 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida 34205
E-Mail: ManateeAdultBB@YAHOO.COM  

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