Field of Dreams Terms for June 28, 2009


This document is provided to help each player, coach, family and friend enjoy their experience with Field of Dreams at Tropicana Field.


Players will drop off equipment at Gate 7 at 3 hours prior to Rays game time to ensure delivery to the locker room. Following the Rays game all players and coaches are to meet at the Mountain Dew Extreme Zone at Section 139 where a Rays Group Sales Representative will escort your group to the auxiliary locker room. Family and friends are to sit between sections 100-110.


(SAMPLE) Timeline for Full Regulation Field of Dreams:


:00-:10 minutes Players’ warm-up in outfield

:10-:15 minutes player introductions on 1st and 3rd base lines

:15-:20 minutes National Anthem

:20-3:00 hours game is played

*Time expires three hours after you take the field.


•All players, coaches and bat boys must have a signed waiver form prior to entering Tropicana Field. Persons under the age of 18 must have parent’s signature.


•Coaches must deliver rosters, along with completed waivers, to their Group Sales Representative upon entry to Tropicana Field.


•Only players, 4 coaches and 1 bat boy, per team, are allowed on field, and they must also have signed a waiver before entering playing field.


•Players are not allowed to wear metal cleats between field and locker room. Please wear sandals or other shoes in this area.


•Teams are responsible for providing their own equipment, bats, balls and gloves.


•Teams must provide Umpires and P.A. announcer.

•Dugout is “as is” for post game Field of Dreams. Rays staff will attempt to clean up dugout before your game but it may be dirty.


•Pre-game Field of Dreams cannot use bullpen pitching mounds due to grounds crew preparation for Rays game.


•Each team is allowed to bring in one large cooler for team purposes, and water is available for coolers from dugout bathroom. Light snacks, with the exception of sunflower seeds, are also permitted.


•Family and friends are allowed to bring in own drink and food as noted within Tropicana Field food policy. All food items must be wrapped, bagged, or contained within a soft-sided container that shall not exceed 16"x16"x8". Patrons are allowed to bring in single serving juice boxes and sealed plastic water bottles (no larger than one Liter).


•Concession stands will not be open for any pre-game or post-game Field of Dreams.


We hope the above information will ensure you have an enjoyable experience at Tropicana Field! Please don’t hesitate to contact your Rays Group Sales representative, Dan Newhart, at 727.825.3406 if you have any further questions.