Manatee Adult Baseball MID-SEASON CLASSIC

Manatee Adult Baseball
Operated by Manatee Adult Baseball, Inc. a Not-for-Profit Corp.)

Rain-Out Number:  (941) 400-9041

Date:August 16, 2017
Location:Lakewood Ranch Park
Ages:Ages: 19+
Cost:$25 per registered player; $30 per non-registered player
CommissionerJoe Zejavac

ALL Regular Roster Players will be charged for the game and will be selected onto a team.

You do NOT have to be a roster player to vie for any available spots, but MSC roster positions will be filled with Roster Players. The evening of the game, Taxi Squad Players then Guests of registered players are given priority, then Walk-on players will be assigned to a team fo the evening, as space permits. .


All Star format (Any uniform you want as long as it is a FULL uniform and a BASEBALL uniform.

We expect to have a SPECIAL gift for our regular roster players who play and have their accounts current!

East Field - Third
East Field - First
West Field - Third
West Field - First
Sey Shindler, Mgr      Brian Knerr, Mgr              Brent Kuehl       Brooks Vanderzee, Mgr    
    Athan, Cole
    Dunn, Dakota
    Else, Rob
    Footland, Jack
    Gagnon, Matt
    Mallon, Bill
    McInerny, Kevin
    Ptak, Jim
    Pulcinella, Steve
    Rivard, Brent
    Sakellaridis, Aris
    Antuna, Aurelio  
    Balam, Jimmy
    Burke, Tim
    Frey, Ryan
    Geis, Jake
    Katynski, Roman
    Lavelle, Jeff
    Reamer, JD
    Rogers, Stephen
    Sorrell, Ben
    Zejavac, Joe
          Arce, Emmanual
          Aviles, Juan
          Boss, Tony
          Lynch, Steve
          Razi, Cam
          Rivero, Luis
          Ruefli, Otto
          Taylor, Todd
          Vargues, John
          Weedo, Aaron
          Wessels, Jeff
    Bowman, Jeff
    Brodowski, Mike
    Deming, Doug
    Dulitz, Chase
    Duvall, Mike
    Geis, Kevin
    Hardisty, Chris
    Krause, Cory
    Lawrence, Spencer
    Montgomery, Dave
    Rocklein, TJ

Additional players may be assigned at the fields.

BAT Raffle

We will be selling raffle tickets for $1 per ticket, 3 for $2 to win a new wood bat from our available selection. The number of bats awarded will increase with the number of tickets sold.

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