Manatee Baseball, Inc. Youth Club

"Fun, games and so much more!"

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Our MISSION is to provide baseball experiences to young children regardless of ability to pay; and to serve as a feeder mechanism in support of Little League baseball. We will not schedule events which interefere with Little League. Our events are not intended to interfere with pitching limitations for other baseball programs.

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We do not intend to operate in any manner which conflicts with reasonable operations of Little League.


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"It is not wether you win or lose. It is wether you win or lose respect." -

"I see great things in baseball. It's our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us."
- paraphrase of a quote from Walt Whitman relayed by Horace L. Traubel (1888).

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it."
- Knute Rockne

"I think if I had my life to live over again, I'd do things a little different… I would have had more friends."
- Ty Cobb


"Club Perspective"

We play "CLUB BASEBALL" in the tradition of New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club the 1850's New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club. Originally, "Base Ball" games were played by social and fraternal clubs seeking exercise among friends. Then money got involved. "Somehow or other, they don't play ball nowadays as they used to ... . I don't mean to say they don't play it as well. … But I mean that they don't play with the same kind of feelings or for the same objects they used to." said Pete O'Brien of the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1868, the year before the Cincinatti Redstockings became the first club to ackonwledge that it paid its players. Then, the game became "Profesional"; a commerical spectacle. Baseball has become professional baseball. It is its own focus and an entire industry. Our's really is more of a "club" than a "league". We seek to embody baseball's roots by rededicating ourselves to baseball's social and fraternal roots. Our focus upon the virtues of competition MUST be secondary to our relationships with each other as club members in a baseball fraternity! "If you are not prepared to be our friend, then please do not join our club."

"To me, America is like baseball. If I swing at a pitch and miss, what am I going to do, give up the next two pitches? If I swing and miss at this pitch, that's just a swing and a miss. There's no morality attached to failure. Failure morally has a moral component, but failure in a creative or professional sense is just information. That's one of the big things for me about the U.S. Our kids, by the time they're five years old, know that if they can hit a ball three times out of 10 pitches, they'll go to the Hall of Fame. They know that seven misses or seven failures are no disgrace. That's just playing the game. Beat that attitude!" - Craig Ferguson (Scotsman now American citizen)

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