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Bradenton, Fl 34205
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Historic Standings since 2000

        2022Regular Season ChampionsBravesTournament Champions    TBD
        2021Regular Season ChampionsBravesTournament Champions    Cubs
        2020Regular Season ChampionsPiratesTournament ChampionsPirates
        2019Regular Season ChampionsPiratesTournament ChampionsTBD
        2018Regular Season ChampionsCubsTournament ChampionsBraves
        2017Regular Season ChampionsPiratesTournament ChampionsBraves
        2016Regular Season ChampionsPiratesTournament ChampionsBraves
        2015Regular Season Champions (Tie)BravesPiratesTournament ChampionsBraves
        2014Regular Season ChampionsMarlinsTournament ChampionsCubs
        2013Regular Season Champions (Tie)BravesCubsTournament ChampionsCubs
        2012Regular Season ChampionsCubsTournament ChampionsCubs
        2011Regular Season Champions (3-Way tie) BravesCubsPiratesTournament ChampionsCubs
        2010Regular Season ChampionsCubsTournament ChampionsCubs
        2009Regular Season ChampionsCubsTournament ChampionsReds
        2008Regular Season ChampionsCubsTournament ChampionsCubs
        2007Regular Season ChampionsBravesLeague Series ChampionsBraves
        2006Regular Season ChampionsPiratesLeague Series ChampionsReds
        2005used for interchanging rosters
        2004Regular Season ChampionsPiratesLeague Series ChampionsBraves
        2003Regular Season ChampionsPiratesLeague Series ChampionsBraves
        2002Regular Season ChampionsBravesLeague Series ChampionsPirates
        2001Regular Season ChampionsCubs

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